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We want to present to you - Route 66 Pizza's Fund-Raiser. Here is why it will work and how to set it up.


• No cost to set it up
• Little time required by YOU
• Everyone loves pizza
• Kids don't have to sell overpriced wrapping paper or chocolate
• Nothing to turn back in to get paid

You need to call your locations General Manager. They have attached a card to this sheet. You can coordinate a week for your organization with them. You need to put the selected date and organization name in the spots provided on the card. You distribute the fund-raiser cards to all members to take home to their families. It may be a good idea to have staff members also participate.

The card can be used on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of the week you choose. The card must be presented when the family pays for their dinner. At that time the cashier writes the non-tax total on the card. The cards are totaled on Friday and a check is written to your organization. You should receive your check the following week. A check for 25% of the total of all the cards. YES!!

This is a WIN/WIN. You keep our slower nights busy and we pay your organization a bunch of money.

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